Engine Re-Mapping

We specialise in custom remaps, ecu remaps, engine mapping, diesel remaps, diesel tuning, engine tuning & performance chip tuning for all models;

Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, C-Class CL, CLK, CLS, E-Class,G-Class, GL-Class, M-Class, ML, R-Class, S-Class, SL-Class, SLK,SLR Mclaren, Sprinter, V-Class, Vaneo, Viano, Vito & models not listed.

Mercedes remap & performance chip tuning procedure allows us to modify the data onboard the ECU to give you better performance, better mpg & an all round better drive.

The procedure for remapping your Mercedes model (post year 2000) involves a ‘read’, ‘modify’ & ‘write’ process to & from the ECU via the OBD/OBDII port.

Remapping your Mercedes means we modify various parameters relative to your model (e.g. ignition timing, boost & torque curves, air intake & fueling etc.) to enhance performance & driveability. The modified engine data is fully pre tested & verified to guarantee that it is reliable & within safe levels of your vehicles capability threshold.

On earlier Mercedes models (pre year 2000), we need to remove the ECU from the vehicle & carry out the ‘read’, ‘modify’ & ‘write’ process, this is referred to as chip tuning (chiptuning, chipping).

Removing the ECU from your car is fairly simple depending on the model, once removed we carry out the de-soldering of the chip (eprom) from the ECU mainboard to ‘read’ the stock data from it, ‘modify’ it (as described for remapping above), ‘write’ & re-solder it back onto the ECU mainboard. Leaving just the refitting of the ECU, the OBD/OBDII diagnostic & finally a road test of your fully remapped/chipped Mercedes. 

For a naturally aspirated (NA) Mercedes engine, a performance increase of upto 15% can be seen. Our turbo petrol & turbo diesel tuning gives your Mercedes a gain of upto 30% more power allround.

The highest gains are of course on Turbo models, petrol remaps or chip tuning gives an equal amount of horsepower & torque, the bigger the turbo the greater the increase.

As for our Mercedes diesel remaps, these give you the increase in horsepower & torque with the benefit of better mpg (typical gains of 3 – 6 mpg, approx 40-70 miles extra range on full tank of fuel). Mercedes Economy mapping (eco mapping) is available for common rail diesel engines. The performance gains for both remapping & chip tuning (chiptuning, chipping) your Mercedes is the same as one another, the only difference is the process carried out to achieve this.